Blue vs Orange Annual Intersquad match

It was a beautiful day for rugby this past Saturday, temperatures finally above the single digits for the first time since November. The partly cloudy sky kept the temperatures from getting too high, but enough sun got through to make it an incredible start to the 2014 season.

Taking the field were two teams formed entirely by Burlington Centaur registered players. The naming rights went to the highest bidder and that’s why the teams are the Blue and Yellow. Cheques, I’m sure to follow.

Right off the kick off, Donald Hammond was quick to help the Blue team when he stepped on the ankle of fellow Yellow Mark Chesser. He was quick to get up, by took a few minutes of running around to make sure that it was going to be ok.

Early on, Blue were pressing hard on the Yellow defense  and Tim Morton  scored on a nice scamper from 5 meters out. Conversion was not made and so the score was 5-0.

For the next while, it was one way traffic going the other way, with a couple of quick tap tries from Yellow scrumhalf  Paul Kelly , with one conversion being made by Paul Kelly. score at half was 12-5 for the yellow.

At the half the teams switched sides and Yellow was quick to take advantage of the wind. Two tries, one by Josh “I am to sexy for my shirt” Jones was at the end of a nicely worked piece of rugby. Passes came from the back of a scrum, though the hands of at least two Yellow players and into Jones’ hands. With ball in hand, Jones went on a run to put the ball down and earn his team 5 points. With hands like that it’s no wonder he’s earned that nickname. The second try was by Mark Chesser, also scored at the end of a Yellow forward led series of picks and goes, ending with an easy pick up and fall over across the paint into the end zone.

The game ended with a scramble by Blue up the far side of the pitch, nice off loads to Blue players coming at speed. Some very nice ball handling skills on display that ended with Tom Jeknins crashing into the end zone, just before the final whistle. Final score was 30-12 for the Yellow team.

In any case, not a great day for the kickers, as less than 50% of the kicks were made Some excellent handling and some good decisions made by both sides. Some furious runs were made by both sides, one in particular by John MacPherson, knocking the wind out of his would be tackler.

The Centaur’s next preseason game will be Thursday vs the Etobicoke Invictus.


Try Scorers;

Blue: Morton, Jenkins

Orange: Bryan, Jones, Kelly x2, Chesser