Centaurs Annual Winter Dome League

The First Registration Night for the Dome League will be this Thursday upstairs prior to the dome.
Please bring your $150 to secure your spot in the 2013 dome league. All players MUST be paid in order to be eligible for the draft on November 7th.

The Dome is open tonight from 8-9 pm in Dome 1.
The dome league will again hold a DRAFT for teams after the registration night on November 7th.
The league will be capped at approximately 60 players to ensure equal playing time for all paid members.

If you are a certified referee and would like to be involved again this year please contact me.


COST:      $150 (Includes Official Dome League Team T-shirts) NO PAY = NO PLAY
REGISTRATION TIME:        7:30 pm – Upstairs in the Clubhouse

The Dome League runs from Thursdays 7:55 pm to 8:55 pm from November to February with over 15 Weeks of playing time.

(No games on December 25th or January 1st)

Please review the rules attached below. Quick summary:

  • Tackle is made by 2 hands which must touch simultaneously below the shoulders and above the knees
  • After a tackle is made the offence MUST place the ball between the legs and the defence MUST retreat 1 meter (2 steps)
  • The tackler may not make the next tackle or obstruct the scrum half
  • The scrum half can run, but if tackled the ball is turned over to the defending team
  • A score is made when the ball carrier crosses the defending goal line (touching the ball down when possible) – for safety reasons please immediately release the ball on the ground in the dead ball zone – DO NOT THROW/KICK OR RUN WITH THE BALL AWAY AFTER CROSSING THE LINE (will be enforced by referees)
  • The scoring team must immediately retire to behind the halfway line before moving forward and may not cross until the attacking team has begun to advance
  • If the ball is knocked-on, passed forward, etc, it results in a turnover. A legitimate “Dropped ball” is LIVE – again for safety on defense do not jump on loose balls or kick the ball.

Get your money in to secure your spot or let me know ASAP that you are interested