Code of Conduct


As a Parent of a Burlington Centaurs RFC player and reading this document understands and accepts that the use of the facilities at the Sherwood Forest Park complex is contingent upon behavior consistent with the City of Burlington by-laws and park regulations as well as the Burlington Centaurs RFC. As such the parent member will at all times:

Be familiar with the coaching and training program in order that I can ensure my child is fully involved and the coaches are aware of their availability

Be familiar with the teaching and coaching methods used by observing the coaching and training sessions in which my child participates.

Be aware that the Club has a duty of care to ensure the safety of players and therefore, where appropriate, assist coaches with the supervision of the players, particularly where numbers are large and there is a need to transport players to away games.

Be involved with Club activities and share my expertise and support.

Share concerns, if I have them, with Club officials.

Ensure my children attend sufficient practices to learn age appropriate safe rugby techniques & fitness levels prior to expecting  them to play.

Treat all players/coaches and officials as I would like to be treated myself. Bullying in any form is not acceptable. This includes during match play as well as social media sites.

Be familiar with the Good Coaches’ Code and in particular be aware that:

Coaches should recognize the importance of fun and enjoyment when coaching players.

Coaches should keep winning and losing in perspective, encouraging players to behave with dignity at all times

Support coaches in instilling these virtues.

Remember that young people play rugby for their own enjoyment not that of their parents.

Encourage young people to play ‐ do not force them.

Focus on the players’ efforts, rather than winning or losing.

Be realistic about the players’ abilities; do not push them towards a level that they are not capable of achieving.

Provide positive verbal feedback both in training and during the game.

Remember that persistent, negative messages will adversely affect the players’ and referee’s performance and attitude

Always support the Club in its efforts to eradicate loud, coarse and abusive behavior from the game.

Remember young people learn much by example.

Always show appreciation of good play by all players both from their own Club and the opposition.

Respect decisions made by the match officials, even if they appear to make a mistake, and encourage the players to do likewise.


Upon signing this document as a Player of the Burlington Centaurs RFC, I understand and accept that the use of the facilities at the Sherwood Forest Park complex is contingent upon behaviour consistent with the City of Burlington by-laws and park regulations, as well as, the Burlington Centaurs RFC.

As a Player of the Burlington Centaurs RFC, I will at all times:

Act as an ambassador for the sport of rugby, the Burlington Centaurs RFC and the City of Burlington at all times both on and off the field.

Recognize and appreciate the efforts made by coaches, match officials and administrators in providing the opportunity to play and enjoy the game of rugby.

Understand the values of loyalty and commitment to the team and to Burlington Centaurs RFC.

Recognize that every player has a right to expect their involvement in rugby to be safe and free from all types of harassment or abuse including sexual intimidation, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, discrimination and other unwanted forms of behaviour.

Inform the Executive Committee if an individual or group of players feels as if they are not being treated in a manner that is acceptable.

Social Media: 

A player will not author, forward, or post vulgar, disrespectful or offensive notes, texts, photographs, or other content online that reflects negatively on club members or Burlington Centaurs RFC in general.

Whenever possible, discourage others from posting text or photographs that could be deemed unflattering or damaging to the club’s reputation or the reputation of the city of Burlington.

On or off the Field:

Listen and act on any instructions given by Team Manager or Coach responsible for the activity

Respect other people and their possessions.

Remember that skill development, fun and enjoyment are the most important parts of the game.

Work equally hard for myself and my team – both will then benefit.

Play to the Laws of the Game and accept, without question, all the referee’s decisions.

Control my emotions – verbal or physical abuse of team mates or opponents will not be tolerated.

Be attentive at all training and coaching sessions.

Respect all team sponsors and team sponsor establishments

Disciplinary Procedure:

Our club has an admirable history of self‐control among players and parents. However, there is always the possibility that discipline problems could arise in the future. Should a coach or other official determine any parent or player’s behavior to be unacceptable and if the behavior continues after a verbal warning, the matter will be brought to the Disciplinary Committee (comprising the Clubs President and two members of the Executive committee for review. The Disciplinary Committee shall have the authority to ban any person from the Centaurs facility (including the grounds) for whatever length of time it deems necessary.