Mens Weekend Wrap up July 7th

After a scorching hot Canada day long weekend the Burlington Centaurs returned home for an action packed Saturday. The warm weather continued, clear skies and all 3 Sr. men’s teams at home kept the thermometer at capacity.

The Berties were taking on the Niagara Wasps in the seventh annual game for the Roddy Allan Quaich. Action was quite tight for the 30 people on the pitch. Referee David Jones kept order and his cards in his pocket on the day. Tries were scored by both the pack and the backs in this tilt. At the half the score was 12-5 for Burlington. It got only better after the breaktime. Final score was 31-15 for the Berties. Right after the game, both teams came together and had a sip of whiskey from the Quaich, while sharing stories. There were more than a few men wearing both jerseys that shared their memories of the man.

The 2ndXV still hungry for their first win of the season kicked off at 1330 hours against the highly respected Aurora Barbarians. As the Barbs had some commuting troubles, the Centaurs were under immense pressure early as the Barbarians had some 1stXV players in for quick cameos. Not deterred by the quick 14 point gap. The Centaurs surged back by letting the ball do the work. With the egg touching the hands of most of the players, the ageless Dave Jones was able to get the home-side on the board. As the soft hands continued, a similar line break and tidy off-loading brought the ball to the flank where winger Brenden Maunder was able to capitalize. Though the Centaurs were down at half, they saw the light.

The second 40 brought on better tackling from the Centaurs forwards. Veterans Z. Dundas and B. Hannon were able to calm down the back line which created space for young Alistar Howes. The Centaurs used the momentum to execute their set piece as Cpt. Kyle Wilkins scored off a driving lineout. The Centaurs were able to close the gap and gather a bonus point; however, the Barbs were too much, 55-29 the final score. The 2ndXV will take the positives into next week as they have a tough match against London. All hands on deck will be needed Saturday, let’s get out to training this week!

Taking their unconquered record into the last quarter of the regular season. The 1stXV squad understood the magnitude of this game on home soil. With Both Waterloo and London on their heels, they needed a bold performance to finish off their eastern conference swing, facing a youthful Aurora Barbarian team. The Barbs being somewhat desperate for a victory, the prep was put in and this litmus test had all the elements of a science experiment…There’d be sparks, there’d be fire, there’d be action for the fans.

As it felt the sun was at its hottest temperature of the day, the game kicked off and the Centaurs wasted no time deciphering the periodic table. Hard off the line defence forced the Barbs to turn over their attack and our unyielding lag ball forced a penalty to the Centaurs. With nothing out of B. Bryans range on this day, the Centaurs took an early 3-0 Lead. Shortly after, the same defensive equation provided a similar result, as Centaurs stable Colin McLeod crashed over the line giving them their first try of the day, 10-0 home side. As the Barbs calmed down, the scoring for both sides simmered. However, the Centaurs line speed continued to stall the Barbs offense. The Blue and Orange laid many titanium tackles which kept the visitors off the scoreboard. Centaurs Chemistry then took over as A. Wilson dove above the line after a missed throw in by the visitors. Another tally by the home side and Burlington marked an early 24-0 lead. Despite the early onslaught the Barbs resilience persisted as they capitalized off a quick tap, 24-7. The Centaurs determined to avenge the score put on down on the last play before half, M. Woodley, 31-7 after 40 minutes of play.

As the second 40 was under-way the Centaurs elements sustained. An energetic Jordan Tanner joined the table as he was able to scoop up a loose ball taking it 60 metres under the Barbs post. This sparked A. Wilson as he was able to score off the back of the scrum giving him his second of 4 on the day. That’s right 4! The synergy assisted him to man of the match honours.  Again Aurora did not deter looking for the bonus point. A grubber behind the Centaurs defensive line, by their standoff gave them their second score off the day. Again, the Centaurs wasted no time answering after a score as Sulfuric Shurtleff broke a tackle and galloped for a 60m run, off-loading to Woodley, again under the posts. With less than 3 minutes to go, the Barbs were able to breach the Centaurs defense again; however, determined not to let that be the last score, T. Atkinson supplied M. Woodley with a clear lane try under the posts for his third of the day. Like oxygen M. Woodley was everywhere.

A 9 try performance keeps the undefeated record untarnished, 66-19 Centaurs moving them to 7-0. The Centaurs will be back at home for their last Regular Season game which is sure to be the match of the season.  It will be also the #gameoftheweek as the Centaurs will dawn the Rugby vs. Cancer Kit in support of breast cancer research. #wearPinkToThePitch #ruckCancer. Kick off times to be posted later this week.