Ontario Blues vs Glendale Raptors TIckets – Saturday, May 20th


The Club needs your help in promoting the BIGGEST event hosted by the Centaurs at Sherwood Forest Park next Saturday.

All proceeds from the event next weekend will go towards the Sherwood Revitalization Project to bring the club a NEW Rugby Clubhouse and a 2nd rugby pitch to Sherwood Forest Park.

Tickets are ONLY $10 – Saturday, May 20th

Gates open at 1:00 pm

Junior Rugby Showcase at 1:30 pm

Ontario Blues vs Glendale Raptors KO at 3:00 pm

We need your help in selling tickets to friends, family, co-workers, & rugby fans and promoting the event across your Facebook & social media.

The extended forecast is calling for a sunny weather and a great a day for rugby.

Spread the word for the biggest club fundraiser, tickets are available for sale at the clubhouse or email transfer.

The Senior Men’s team players will also be taking two tickets each to sell to friends & family to support the fundraiser.

Please pick up tickets tomorrow night at the club to sell and promote the event. Tickets are ONLY $10.

On Friday night – May 19th and Saturday, May 20th morning & afternoon we will be looking for volunteers to help set up the fencing, set up tents, rope the fields, and staff the event.

High School players looking for volunteer hours are encouraged to sign up.

The Ontario Blues are the senior men’s representative rugby team for Rugby Ontario. They were founded in 2009 to compete in the Americas Rugby Championship (ARC) against other representative teams from Canada, Argentina, and the United States. The Ontario Blues have several international Rugby Canada Players on their squad.


The Glendale Raptors Men’s elite team compete for the Major Rugby Championship in the United States and play out of Glendale’s Infinity Park in Denver.