Saturday June 16 Wrap Up

The Centaurs returned home after their bye week and were anxious to get back on the pitch. With all 4 sides playing on home soil, there was a whirlwind of excitement for a full day of rugby. Saturday kicked off with the Berties hosting their crosstown rivals, the Grimsby Gentlemen. The Sr. Women then faced-off against the Stoney Creek Camels and to finish, the Marshall Championship transported the Ajax Wanderers down the 401 for the final two games of the day. With the sun shining, a slight breeze and some cold beer in the gardens our local rugby enthusiasts were out in full force and were not disappointed.

The Centaurs Women played in a close match and sadly came up short against a youthful and what seemed never ending pool of players. The Centaurs continue to improve as scores show when compared to previous seasons and with moments of intensity and individual brilliance, they are demonstrating that they can both defend and attack.  For many it is their first season or one case, Imani’s first match. Whilst for others, it is their first game in a few years.  Common throughout though is the camaraderie and desire to improve both as a team and individually.

Some missing players necessitated changes in positions which upset the balance of the squad but nevertheless, the Centaurs managed a bonus point with tries deriving from ‘Gazelle’ like runs by Amber and Claire and darting bolts within 5 meters from Ali and Laiken. Two conversions from Killeen added to provide the 24 points. One of the sadder aspects to the match was again the toll in injuries for which we hope for speedy recoveries ready for the next couple of matches, both against Hamilton.



With some lineup tweaks and availability changes, the 2ndXV took the pitch looking thirsty for their first win of the season.  The game started off well for the Centaurs as they were able to retain ball and develop continuous phases. The back row of Ellis, Rose & Dundas provided a tidy platform for young Brotman to spin the ball out. Though Howes and Hannon were exceptional directing traffic offensively. Unfortunately some poor line speed and defensive errors opened up gaps for the Wanderers who took advantage of their opportunities.

The Centaurs heads were still high after retreating to Coach at half. Though Ajax carried a lead into half and the Centaurs had failed to get on the score board. The second 40 minutes provided some positivity which created line breaks and space.  Unfortunately, the story didn’t change much from the first half as the Centaurs continued to struggle to finish as they advanced towards the visitors goal line. Credit to the Wanderers who played an expansive game and took benefit of many of their scoring opportunities. Zach Dundas was able to get the Centaurs on the board; tactlessly, it was the only score of the day and the Centaurs fell to Ajax 47-7.  The lads will have their chance at redemption as they’re back in action next week vs. Oshawa. Training this week is paramount, we need to turn the ship!


As it reached 1530 hours on the day. The Centaurs 1XV flew out of the tunnel for some redemption against the Wanderers. Dawning their Orange Kit, this was a battle between the top two teams in their respectful divisions. A quick penalty let Ajax draw first blood in the opening 5 mins. Albeit, they were not able to repeat this for most of the match as the field began to tilt in favour of the home side. The game quickly opened up for the Centaurs as some brilliant handling and pattern work put the Wanderers under immense pressure- the Centaurs notably scoring the first try of the game spreading the ball wide to winger Jordan Tanner who sidestepped the Ajax defense, offloading to fullback Brenden Gilbert who gingerly broke several tackles then passing the ball to flank Dave Wilson who scampered to the finish.  Multiple long developing team tries came in bunches as the Centaurs were up early and were able to close the first 40 minutes with an exaggerated gap, 38-3.

As the side huddled around Coach Kelly, there was a lot to be happy about; however, defensively we needed to be better at the breakdown. After the quick chat, it was all gas and no brake for the Centaurs in the second half.  With many Centaurs getting in the action and across the try line this was the ultimate team effort as all 23-men contributed to the track meet. Though the Centaurs defense was a topic, they continued to go all-in on defense limiting the Wanderers possession and points. The Wanderers were able to add a couple scores late, but on the day it was all Orange – a 9 try performance solidified a 59-17 win over Ajax. There were several strong performances on the day, but 8-man Andrew Wilson washed down a pint for well-deserved man of the match honours. The win brings the Centaurs to a faultless 5-0 record at the mid-point of the 2018 Campaign and top spot in the Championship division. With London on their heels as the men return to action on the road next week against a tough Oshawa Vikings side.

Saturday June 2nd Wrap Up

The Centaur’s Women were away to Fergus Highlanders who have traditionally offered up a very tough match for match for any visiting side. Fergus are rich in experience, numbers and individual strength /size.

With an almost instant switch from cool to warm conditions at the start of the match, the game got underway with an unexpected intensity that was great to watch.  Both sides battled from end to end non stop with great defence on the line for both teams. Fergus opened with the first score which was followed within minutes by the Centaurs. The first half never really change on the change of scores and remained close throughout with half time reading 22 v 19 in favour of Fergus. The Centaur tries came from Katelyn, Amber and Cassidy, each deriving from some great individual skills.

In the second half, the Centaur’s impact from injuries started to take a toll as players and team structure had to be changed to accommodate losses. This resulted in the team loosing the edge in attack and having to spend literally the whole of the second half defending.  Fergus then up their game by bringing on their entire bench who with fresh legs in the heat took advantage and ran in several tries to boost their score.


Despite the final score, the Centaurs first half display was with out doubt, one of their best and was commented as such by all who watched. It certainly took Fergus by surprise and come half time, the whole came was very evenly balanced. Sadly a lack of depth on the Centaurs bench was the unravelling for them in the second half, but the potential is bubbling and the start of season for Centaurs is against the toughest sides in the league however, when the Centaurs at full strength, they will certainly become a side to contend with.


Again, the difference between the last couple of season and the past two matches, which have been against two of the strongest teams in the league, is a vast difference and we are very much looking forward to the rest of the season. The Women’s next match is away to Brantford on Saturday 9th June.


Meanwhile  your Burlington Centaurs Sr men’s’ teams traveled up the 400 for their first eastern conference clash against Barrie RFC. For those who made the trek to catch some rugby, both games provided a great display of some entertaining play back and forth.

Game Reports:

The 2nd XV came out of the gate slow, but once they realized their defence was in tough, they started to up the tempo which helped them assemble many constructive phases of rugby. To their credit, Barrie’s offense was able to accomplish the same. This turned the game into a defensive battle. Daryl Tharby led the Burlington defense with some crushing blows to Barrie’s offensive line of attack. The Centaurs, were chasing but staying within a few scores for the majority of the match. Barrie took advantage of sharp kicking performance to keep the scoreboard turning over. The veteran presence of Tommy Jenkins, Daryl Tharby and Captain Kyle Wilkins helped create space for Jake Omay, Alistar Howes and Brock Kelly as they all racked up plenty of yards on the day.

Though the Centaurs were able to put down 5 tries, Barrie’s attack and ball distribution was too much for this Centaurs on this day. Final score 61-29 for the home side. The Centaurs are taking the positives into the bye week and understand they have to play a complete 80mins to be successful in this league.

The 1st XV took to the park with a bit of mixed line up, but safe to say they had the horses to complete the task and everyone on the park has been battled tested. With a few subs to burn the side looked legit.

Right off the hop, the Centaurs put Barrie under pressure, forcing sloppy attack. Some exciting rugby was played early as Jordan Tanner touched one down in the home team’s corner, 5-0 Centaurs. The visitors then scored again with some great phase play by the forwards, forcing Barrie to play catch up early on. To add to the drama unfolding Barrie struck back closing the gap to three points. Barrie’s scrum continued to put pressure on the Centaurs leaving them attacking from their back foot on many occasions and keeping the score close. The Centaurs back row was able to pick up the slack and debutant Colin Patterson impressed alongside Brownson and Hogg.


The halftime chat – maximize our phases, grind out in the scums, clean up the breakdown and maintain our line speed on defence might be a good way to win the game. Burlington goes into the first half leading 22-12.

The 2nd half saw the roster rotation continue as newly acquired professional Andrew Wilson punched in for a 40 minute shift. He brought his hard hat and lunchbox and his impact was felt immediately by both sides as his shoulders were on Barrie attackers early and often. The second half also brought effective team tries for the Centaurs, but worth a mention, Zack Shurtleff finished after an exceptional individual scamper. A great read on a pick and go, tackle allusion and he was off to the races out pacing the Barrie defenders for a 75 yard score… whoa !

There were a few tense moments towards the end of the 2nd half, Barrie ran a wave of phases at the Centaurs line for several minute’s scoring three quick tries to narrow the gap. The Centaurs however managed to settle and closed out the game with another score to seal it. Overall a stellar effort from the Centaurs coming out on top 44-29.

At 4-0 they are at the top of the standings, but only just, as the London St. Georges’ continue to keep pace. There are still plenty of tough road games to play. The Centaurs are off this weekend as the league is on bye, the action resumes June 16th at home when they host the Ajax Wanderers. It will be another big home stand as all Sr. Men’s team will be at home.

Saturday May 26th Wrap Up

The 26th of May marked a full day of action at Sherwood Forest Park. The Centaurs hosted the 10th annual Roddy Allan Tournament with roughly 58 teams and 800 youth rugby players. This exceptional day included Under 7, Under 9, and Under 11 teams participating. This tournament continues to be a highlight of the year, and clearly demonstrates the growth of the sport among younger age groups in our region. The action did not end there, as the women and all 3 Sr. men’s team were also competing on home turf.


Saturday was the first League match of the season for the Centaur Women’s team.

The match was at home against one of the best teams in the league, London, who included both Canadian and Ontario representative players. The match was supported by many from the club and some who had stayed behind to watch post the Roddy Allan Tournament held earlier in the day and accompanied by very warm conditions.

Although the final score was far from flattering for the Centaur Women, lost 61 to 15, the style, rucking from the forwards and backs moves plus overall determination by all, demonstrated a great improvement over the previous season and bodes well for the future.  We welcomed a new player to the team, Danny Y-L, and some returning faces Jackie K and Emily V, who all managed to get game time in hot and humid conditions. The team were complimented by the London Coaches for the rucking and counter rucking play even when it was clear the heat was taking a toll on all. London also described some of the running play from the backs as both effective and clinical in its application. Although the Centaurs struggled against London’s representative players, all learnt from their play and will take this knowledge forward into the rest of the season. Tries for the Centaurs derived from pressure play from Ahink with a great final burst of energy to cross over the London try line and two break away tries from Amber whose speed and fitness managed to keep her ahead of London’s speedsters. The best of the two tries was an interception from within the Centaurs own half which certainly caught London on aware and broke what was definitely one of their rehearsed moves.

Despite the defeat, the Centaur Women show great progression and promise from last season and look forward to their next match away to Fergus on Saturday 2nd June.

The “Berties” 3rd XV kicked off first at 1200 hours “off-site” at Nelson Park. This was the teams’ first run around of the year. The extreme heat and humidly made it difficult for both teams to shake the rust off. With a combination of strapping young lads and longstanding centaur veterans, the Berties looked to open their campaign in the win column. This was no easy task competing against a youthful and athletic Waterloo County side. And to that point, Waterloo wasted no time getting on the board early popping in two quick tries slotting an early 10-0 lead. The Berties pushed back with long runs by promising young player Ryan Matthews and capped off by a Denis Tomas try. Though there was some glimpses of tidy play the Berties went into half down 17-7. With one adjustment at half the Berties started to show some gusto with great line-out work by Chris Dubrawksi and Daryl Tharby. This led the way for Gary ‘The Hype Man’ Hesmar as he touched down a try in the corner to close the gap. With Waterloo struck back quickly but this paved the way for the nicest try of the day and undeniably an internet sensation moment. Veteran Tommy Jenkins completed a one touch, no look, behind the back pass to Breton Courtney, who easily walked under the posts. Though the Berties outscored the County side in the second half they felt short 24-19. With Billy Clayton leading the way in tackles and carries, he is ambitious next week as his side takes on Niagara on the road.


As the venue changed back to the familiar grass at Sherwood Forrest. The 2nd XV team Kicked off looking to avenge their first loss of the season. This was by no means an easy task, as Waterloo County showed why they’ve competed in top league. County wasted no time and put the home team down early. This was an high energy match and it didn’t help that the Centaurs struggled with a few last minute lineup changes. Colin Patterson noticeably stepped up to the challenge and it showed through his up-tempo work rate and taking charge of the home pack.

With the 2nds down at half time. Youngsters Jack Mahoney & Alistar Howes injected some pace into the lineup. Sparking a comeback the Centaurs ironed out their set pieces providing a stable platform to play some expansive rugby. Tries poured through with Howes and Jake Omay touching down. But the Centaurs comeback fell short, 35-22 to County. It has been a tough start to the season thus far for the 2nds. However, the morale continues to be tall as they travel to Barrie this Saturday hungry for their first win.

As the forecast heated up, the 1st XV took the pitch against a hungry Waterloo side. With the home side up for a big test and the sun at full temperature, the game started off a hot contest. The home team carried possession off the opening kickoff. But after an unforced error in their own end, they conceded the first try, 5-0 County. This was a particularly physical test and was a defensive war for both sides. Flyhalf Brendan Bryan penalty closed the gap to two points, but a first half yellow card put the Centaurs back on their heels. Despite the infringement, the Centaurs were able to pass the test and the Orange & Blue retreated to the change room at half down 5-3.

With some fresh subs to burn and some simple fixes to implement, the boys picked up the rhythm in the 2nd half. The Centaurs Defence remained strong and they began to attack simply waiting for the right opposite to push through. Both squads exchanged tries as former County player, Petar Jokic, punished his prior side touching down a score. Undoubtedly, the Centaurs scrum was under pressure the entire game; albeit the Captain had his lineout under control which has been steady all season. Mike Doughtery extended his try streak after being a beneficiary off a pleasingly lineout /driving maul. With the time winding down, the County side showed more battle. The back-and-forth game continued as County scored with 5 minutes remaining in the second half, 19-15 County. As the crowd nervously awaited the kick-off. The Centaurs remained calm as they knew a single score would win the game. After rallying the ball on a clear out kick by County. The Centaurs setup multiple phases marching the ball to the County 5 metre line. With no panic and great patience, scrumhalf Zack Shurtleff conducted his pack with composure.  As the tired County Defence began to fatigue, the Centaurs relished in the closing minutes. Comparable to a story you would tell your grandchildren, the ball recycled to the short side leaving the ball in the Skippers hands. Keeping his defender honestly he held and off-loaded to a roaring Josh Jones in corner at pace, Jones made no mistake diving over the white line, 20-19 with less than a minute to go.

The Centaurs were able to run the clock out after a somewhat chilling final minute, 20-19 Burlington. The 1XV team moves to 3-0 and will travel to Barrie next week for face their first western opponent.



Thursday Night Wrap up- May 17

May 17, 2018

Sherwood Forest Park

Burlington, Ontario


The 2nd game of the 2018 campaign kicked off with clear skies above and soft ground under foot. And on this day, the pitch also seem to tilt slightly in the direction of the Centaurs.


In a rare Thursday night fixture, there was no lack of entertainment to kick start the Victoria Day long weekend. Your 1stXV hosted the gritty Toronto Nomads. The short week and difficult commute did not deter the visitors from bringing a full squad to the park.


With many fans in attendance, The Centaurs did not waste any time giving them something to cheer about. After a executing some tidy phase play the Centaurs attacked wide, sideline to sideline with Jordan Tanner being the beneficiary touching down under the sticks for the first score of the game. A penalty shortly after put the Centaurs up 10-0 early. 


The Nomads pushed back physically but the score remained unchanged for most of the first 40. Once the Centaurs calmed their nerves the game began to shift in their favour. After a Nomad yellow card for a no wrap hit on Tanner, the game opened up and some magnificent team tries were scored including a note worthy 30 meter line break by new centaur Kenny Waring who offloaded to Matthew Woodley for the score. Trevor Atkinson and Jordan Tanner added another two to put the home side up 31-0 at half time.


Though there was alot to be happy about. Captain Brownson touched on unforced errors and proper decision making. The game tightened up in the second half which resulted in many high energy collisions. Cam Hogg lead the way definitely upping his tackle count whiched earned him a well-deserved man of the match honours. The Centaurs were able to punch two tries in the second half – Brownson and B. Bryan. However, they conceded a try in the closing minutes. Final score 43-5 for the homeside which moves them to 2-0 and top spot in the Marshall championship Western divison.


The men would like to again thank all the fans for turning up and giving us the always appreciated support. Also a special shout out to Mr. Jake Omay & Mr. Jeff Brownson for the well constructed scoreboard. After the long weekend both men’s team return home a week Saturday hosting Waterloo County May 26th. We’d love to see you out as we hope to remain unbeaten.

Burlington Sports Alliance Recognition and Awards Dinner on June 19

The Burlington Centaurs Men’s 1st XV Team have been nominated for the Burlington Sports Alliance 2018 Team of the Year and Coach Chris Kelly have been nominated for the Burlington Sports Alliance 2018 Champion of Sport

The award winners will be announced at the Burlington Sports Alliance Recognition and Awards Dinner on June 19, 2018 at the Burlington Convention Centre.

Those members with Centaur Club Jackets are encourage to attend the BSA Awards Dinner. Please email Nick Manz to reserve a spot at our table.

Weekend Wrap up – May 12th

May 12, 2018

St. George Rugby Club

London, Ontario

The Sr. Men’s 2018 rugby season kicked off with a trip down the 401 to London, Ontario. It was a beautiful spring day for a season opener and the Burlington men were well aware they would be in tough against a strong and talented London St. George program. London was also celebrating a milestone year in their club, being their 60th anniversary. The Centaurs were well aware of the uncharted waters they’d be sailing too. This was also a big day for Burlington as it was our first official match in the Marshall Championship after a promotion year.

Getting the kinks out early, there was some last minute juggling to the 2ndXV lineup; luckily there were many eager Centaurs chomping at the bit to play. As the referees whistle went, Bryan Hannon kicked off and the 2018 campaign was underway. Both teams were built with a savvy combination of young / veteran players and it had all the ingredients for an 80 minute battle. The Centaurs started the first half on their heels, playing a lot of Defence. Nick Manz showed his veteran experience and his strong physique by leading the way several devastating tackles. London’s ball movement was tight and dynamic which lead them to put away two early tries, 10-0 London. The Centaurs were able to fight back with nice place kicking by Juan Palacio and first half tries scored by Bryan Hannon and Brian Curran. Despite the Centaurs surge, they remained down after the first 40 minutes and were well aware of their unforced errors count.

After a quick huddle, the second half began with some of the same substance as the first. After both teams exchanging tries, Burlington remained trailing as the clock was winding down. Though Bryan Hannon was able to punch in a try late; Jack Mahoney succumbed to an injury forcing the Centaurs to play with a man down for the remaining two minutes. This gave London an opportunity to add on a late try making the final score 37-26 London over Burlington.  Zach Dundas also scored a try in the second half which gave the Centaurs a bonus point. The Centaurs will be taking some positive learning experiences into their bye week.

The 1st XV kicked off at 1500 hours as the sun emerged cranking up the temperature in an 80 minute battle that was already set to be heated. The Centaurs were looking to break the London sweep but knew it would not be an easy task against a decorated squad which included prominent rugby resumes with international caps. With some punishing tackles on both sides, the teams were well-introduced to each other early on. London were looking to find space early and after a clearance kick and handling error by the Centaurs the home side was up 5-0. The Centaurs were not deterred by London’s quick start and were able to strike back. Newest Centaur, Brenden Gilbert sparked his debut with dashing 22m try which leveled the score 5-5. The Centaurs were than able to take the lead with textbook driving maul from 10M out, finished off by Louis Hinshelwood. With the visitor crowd reeling, the Centaurs continued to hit the gain line at pace. The third try of the half started with an excellent offload by Jeff Brownson creating a 2-1 with a lone London defender. Steve Giboney and Trevor Atkinson worked the give and go and Atkinson dotted down under the posts. At Standoff, Brenden Bryan’s foot was “on” adding a penalty before the half ended. The Centaurs went into the huddle after 40 minutes leading the home team.

Skipper Jeff Brownson, praised the strong effort but encourage to up the tempo in the next 40 minutes. “This is going to be a 12-round boxing match and they’re going to keep coming.” With the Centaurs getting into penalty trouble resulting in a couple yellow cards, the St George’s were able to draw blood and began to close the gap. The teams exchanged scores and then after a couple excellent phases of play by Burlington, impact sub Michael Dougherty was able to push over the line for a try. Though the Centaurs defence did bend it did not break, conceding 24 points total to London.  Brenden Gilbert then sealed the deal late by scoring an electric try off the back of the scrum, Wilson to Shurtleff to Gilbert which solidified his well-deserved man of the match honours. 34-24 Burlington over London and the 1st XV have started their campaign 1-0.

Jeff Brownson preached afterwards this was a total team effort with all 23 men getting into the game.  Heading into the Victoria Day long weekend the 1st XV will be forced to have their home opener on a short week – 7PM Thursday May 17th vs. the Toronto Nomads. The crowds presence in London was electrifying, we thank all the supporters who made the drive. The Centaurs hope to keep the momentum going and are anticipating a big crowd to cheer on the Blue, White & Orange for their home debut.


photo credit John Guilfoyle


Ontario Arrows THIS Saturday, May 5th at York University – BURLINGTON CENTAURS JUNIOR TRY RUGBY DAY – May 14th

The Burlington Centaurs are hosting a FREE TRY RUGBY Day on Monday, May 14th and looking for volunteers to help assist with introducing the sport of rugby to the younger generation. Please let Alex know if you are able to help out on the day.


Our junior and mini Rugby Programs run on Monday & Wednesday evenings starting at 6:00 pm

Practices kick-off this Monday, May 7th at Sherwood Forest Park.


More information can be found at


This year we are also excited to provide a Centaurs U5 Rugby Program with Coach Tim on Monday evenings beginning this Monday, May 7th

Registration is only $200 for the season. Email  to register directly.




WHEN: Monday, May 14th – 6:00 pm-7:00 pm

WHERE: Sherwood Forest Park – 5270 Fairview Street, Burlington







The Centaurs have organized a bus to the Ontario Arrows game from the clubhouse departing at 3:00 pm.

Spaces are LIMITED – To reserve your spot email Katelyn Carey and send $20 e-transfer Katelyn


Beat the line at the gate and get your tickets online at discounted sale price

Monty Heald Tournament of Champions

On a miserable wet, chilly and windy Saturday, your Burlington Centaurs Sr. Men’s squad hosted its 4th annual Monty Heald Tournament of Champions. It was said many times throughout the day, Monty wouldn’t have had it any other way, and it was a great day for rugby.

The preseason tournament has become the premier preseason tournament in Ontario. Hosting 4 Marshall Premier teams and a Province side, the Quebec Selects. The Marshall teams included the back-to-back McCormick cup champs, Brantford Harlquins, alongside the Toronto Scottish, Balmy Beach and the Stoney Creek Camels. There was also interested in “seconds” division, where we were able to field an additional team up against local and rival clubs, The Grimsby Gentlemen and The Hamilton Hornets.

The host side kicked off the tournament against our skyway neighbours, the Stoney Creek Camels. Though the Camels side was slim missing their Ontario Arrows players and young University talent, they were still up for a game and looking to seek some vengeance against some former club players. With great ball retention and straight up tackles by Louis Hineslwood and Colin McLeod.  The Centaurs were able to free up some space for their electric back three made up of Jordan Tanner, Matt Woodley & Brendan Gilbert proving why they’re known as finishers by combining for all 4 Centaur tries of the game. The great team effort opened up the space for all 3 men to hit it at pace. Consistent kicking by Brendan Bryan & Juan Palacio locked up the Centaurs first win of the tournament over the Camels 24-0. Though it was nice to see our Offence was clicking, Captain Jeff Brownson was more impressed with the Defensive effort shutting out the competition.

The Centaurs second match-up was against the 2015 McCormick Cups Champs, Balmy Beach. ‘The Beach’ are a stalwart club in the Marshall premiership and have a tendency to by a high-flying, highly skilled side. Shortly after kickoff the Centaurs knew they were in for a tough game. The Beach pressure was relentless, and the Centaurs rarely had any ball possession. Though our Centaurs Defence was stout the Beach managed to finish two entertaining tries which led the Tournament hosts to be down 12-0 at half. The Centaurs were not deterred and came out firing on all cylinders to start the second half. With two quick tries by Kale Hutchings and M. Woodley to open the second half. The Centaurs closed the gap and tied the game at 12-12. With time ticking away, the Centaurs did not take their foot of the pedal. After multiple phases, McLeod made a line break creating a two on one with the Beach full back 10 meters out. With great skill, he gave a supporting Tim Morton a textboook off-load in the tackle, letting the big man rumble and scoring under the posts. 19-12 Centaurs. They completed the comeback and were able to run out the remaining 2 minutes on the clock to finish the round robin with a perfect 2-0 record.

The Burlington Senior Women had a showcase match vs mid day. The playing conditions offered soft ground following rain which allowed confidence for all to tackle and ruck hard in preparation for the forthcoming league games. Within the Centaurs team, there were two new players, Emma (Red) Mallon and Rebecca (Becca) Ayliffe who both performed outstandingly for their first match and along with them some guest appearances from previous team members now living in the USA or other parts of Canada, (Rebecca T, Kylie and Kim H). Although the team has not had long to play together, during the match they gel’d to dominate both halves of the game.and after the first half, were 22 v 7 in the lead. Within the second half, the defence held to add an additional 21 points for none against.


The Centaurs were spoilt with a great turnout of players and which ensured each player had half a match. With tries from, Julia, Taylor, Kylie, Amber, Cassidy and Emily G, plus conversions from Amber, Emily G and Taylor, the Women’s team were eventual victors by 43 v 7. Even though there are always areas to improve, it was both encouraging and exciting to watch the team run drills they have been practicing over the past couple of weeks.  The next step is to ensure momentum and build on the foundations from Saturday as the Women’s first league match is away to Hamilton on Saturday 12th May.


With the day winding down and the weather conditions taking its toll. The Centaurs Men matched up against an athletic Quebec Selects side in the finals. The rain had briefly dissipated which drew excitement for both teams, anticipating the ball would be thrown around much more frequently. Though the Centaurs were confident their offence would continue its success; once again, Captain Jeff Brownson could not have been more satisfied with his squad’s defensive efforts. By creating multiple phases the Centaurs were able to executive their attack plan. The pattern proved effective as first half tries were scored by Tanner, Mcleod and M. Woodley. The second half opened with the same success for the Centaurs. A couple goal line tests were passed and the Centaurs defense remained unconquerable. The final whistle blew and the Centaurs retained the Championship 26-0 over the Selects.

Overall, it was a great day remembering a Burlington and Canadian Rugby legend capped off with the hosts winning their own tournament. The win gives the Centaurs some additional hardware going into the 2018 Campaign, after winning the Battle of the Border 7’s tournament earlier this month. Head Coach Chris Kelly remains positive, but preaches that his men need to keep up the hard work and commitment. The Centaurs have one more week of preseason but are in tough on May 12 as they travel down the 401 for their season opener against the London St. George’s.

Centaurs return as winners from Battle of the Border 7’s Tournament

Saturday, April 7, 2017

Fort Niagara State Park

Youngstown, New York

On a chilly April morning, your Burlington Centaurs Sr. men traveled to our southern neighbours for their second annual “Battle of the Border 7’s Tournament. Canadians and Americans, kids and senior players, spectators and athletes alike. All came together on April 7th, 2018 at Old Fort Niagara for a truly unique rugby tournament with competitive opportunities for all ages and experience levels.

Though the team lacked 7’s experience, GM Tim Morton knew through selections they had the right athletes and skill sets to have a successful day. The Sr. Men’s division was made up of two pools and the Centaurs were challenged with a 3-game round-robin, plus a semi’s and finals, if they went all the way. As fait had it, the Centaur’s could not have predicted a better start to their pre-season. They had completed the round robin with a perfect 3-0 record and only conceded a total of 19 points against. “A highlight for us was beating our crosstown rivals, the Hamilton Hornets 46-0 in our third game,” said Cpt Jeff Bronson. “Hamilton has always been a rival club and to put 46 points on them in 14 minutes with using all our subs was awesome.”

With the Centaurs having a perfect 3-0 record and the best points for / against in their division it was onto the semi-finals along with 3 other clubs.  With ‘some’ luck the Centaurs were able to get pass the semi’s and into the finals. Their opponent was a stalwart squad in the Marshall Premiership, the Markham Irish. “As we analyzed the competition throughout the day. We kinda’ expected to meet-up with Markham in the finals, if we made it through, of course” Said Morton. The finals Kicked-off with the Centaurs somewhat on their heels playing defence for the first four minutes. The Centaurs relied on textbook ‘scramble’ defence and their grittiness caused an Irish turnover resulting in a long try, finished under the posts, 7-0 Burlington. Two additional tries were exchanged before half and with a Centaurs missed conversation prior to half-time whistle. Both teams retreated to their sides with the score 12-7 after the first 7 minutess.

As the Centaurs huddled and spoke at half-time. A few lineup changes were made to inject some pace into the match. These keys sub became clutch as the Centaurs opened the second half with two quick tries. With only 3 minutes left, the Centaurs were up 17 points and could smell the championship. They did not let up with putting away one more try across the line and though Markham was able to score with no time left it didn’t matter. The Centaurs were battle of the border champs 31-14. Throughout the day,  It was the ultimate team effort as tries were scored by: T. Atkinson, B. Bryan, D. Jones, K. Waring and multiple tries were scored by J. Tanner, M. Woodley and new comer B. Gilbert.

“I couldn’t be happier with the effort and our execution,” spoke Cpt. Bronson. “Obviously all the boys were outstanding, but hat’s off to our sweeper, Gilbert. He had a great day both offensively and defensively.

The Centaurs brought some hardware back to Fairview Street and they hope the success continues throughout their 2018 Campaign. “We especially want to thank South Buffalo rugby for hosting the tournament and the Centaurs will likely return next year to defend their title,” concluded Morton.


Burlington Centaurs 2018 Battle of the Border 7’s Roster:

Jeff Bronson – Captain

Ken Warring

Trevor Atkinson –Reggie Dunlop

David Jones

Jordan Tanner

Brendan Gilbert

Brenden Bryan

Matt Woodley

Louis Hinselwood

Danny Brotman

Bryan Hannon

Tim Morton

BCRFC Official statement on Rugby Canada Dues Increase

Burlington Centaurs Rugby Club official statement on Rugby Canada Dues Increase:


While the Burlington Centaurs RFC supports our Canadian National Rugby Programs we are disappointed and do not support passing the financial burden directly to the athletes at the grassroots level.

As registration of our annual rugby dues were already established and launched for the Burlington Centaurs RFC, which includes the registration dues for Rugby Canada and Rugby Ontario, this season our club will absorb the Rugby Canada dues increase on behalf of our senior players.

As a result, this year we are asking for the support from all players and membership to help our club offset this burden through the following avenues:

2018 Player Recruitment Program – Any club member referring a new senior registered player, and upon full payment of their dues, will receive a $25 gift card redeemable at the clubhouse.

Increase Club Volunteer Participation– we are extremely fortunate to have our very own clubhouse that the Centaurs call home. The maintenance of the clubhouse and running of club events involves a lot of planning and hard work from our Executive. Ask your divisional directors how you can volunteer and help out your club.

Build our Centaur Rugby Family– encourage family, friends and teammates to support all divisions at our home games and club events. Everyone is welcome to come upstairs to enjoy snacks and refreshments in our clubhouse while watching a game of rugby from our balcony.

Support our 45thAnniversary Weekend – We will be celebrating our 45th Anniversary through August 24th – 26th,. Get involved and support our Golf Tournament on the Friday, the Alumni Game and 45th Anniversary Dinner on the Saturday and our Centaur Breakfast on the Sunday. We will also be commemorating the club’s history with a “Centaurs Through the Years” memory book available for purchase.


For Additional information regarding the National Player dues increase:

Thank you for your continued support of the Burlington Centaurs Rugby Club.

“Friends through Rugby, Friends through Life”


Nick Manz

Club President


Summer Mini + Junior Rugby Info – REGISTRATION OPEN

We are expecting and planning for a big year with growth in numbers at the club, having completed highly successful programs for HS aged athletes (Centaurs Academy) and Minis/Juniors (Winter Indoor Rugby). As I always say, looking forward to welcoming new friends and old alike! Spread the word about the program and the club!

  • Fee information and registration for U7 and up at:
  • Note on U5s: Pre-register for U5s with player name, DOB and parent contact details to this email or   U5 registration and fee payment at the club in May (date TBD)
  • Start Date: May 7th, subject to weather and post-winter field conditions.

Summer Season:

  1. Training & Details: May to August

Minis – Coed:

    • Training Monday and Wednesday 6pm to 7pm
    • Non-contact: U7, U9, Intro to contact: U11, U13

Super Minis – Coed:  Weekly Mondays, no official games.

    • U5 (3 and 4 year olds), play based program.
    • More advanced players always welcome to participate with the U7s.

Junior Rugby – Boys and Girls

    • U15/U17/U19 Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • Game schedule TBD

Registration includes: festival fees (plus player lunch on festival days) and uniform (shirt, shorts, socks).

Needed: Basic field, rugby or soccer shoes, mouth guard (all ages U7 and up).

  1. Game and Event Details:


    • 8 to 10 festival-style tournaments on scheduled on Saturdays or Sundays.
    • Three games between 9am to 12PM
    • Usual locations: Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Brantford, Toronto/GTA.
    • Full scheduled TBD and shared ASAP.


    • Planned once monthly friendly versus local clubs at Burlington during practice time.

JUNIOR GAMES: U13, U15, U17, U19

    • Regular schedule of games, on a pre-determined day (TBD).
    • Some travel to games within region + opportunities for tournaments,

  1. Other Activities:

PARENTS PUB TIME: Open pub planned for key nights – dates TBD.

PARENT V KIDS GAME + AWARDS SOCIAL: End of the year social with food, cake and snacks, plus player recognition awards.

SENIOR RUGBY EVENTS: The club usually hosts  a couple of high-level games among touring sides and provincial teams during the season and mini players and families are always welcome.

Extended Season + Events:

  • Continued training in September and October for minis (U5, U7, U9, U11, U13)
  • No tournaments, but 1 or 2 game nights possible (TBD)
  • SUMMER CAMP (TBD @ additional registration): We are developing a BCRFC summer camp with Kids Play Sports, Burlington! Details to follows
  • SANTA PARADE (DECEMBER): Participate in the parade with the club by decorating and tiding the float with the club Santaurs!
  • EASTER EGG HUNT (APRIL): The Easter bunny comes to visit with a field wide hunt and hot chocolate at the club pub.
  • CENTAURS ACADEMY (OCT – MAR @ additional registration): Winter skills training for high performance high school athletes.
  • WINTER INDOOR RUGBY (JAN – MAR): U5 to U13 indoor rugby skills training

Please reach out with any questions, cheers!

Alex Rappos


Director of Junior Development

Burlington Centaurs – RFC


  • Start your Saturday morning off with the return of the 6 Nations Games – Will Ireland win the Grand Slam! Or be spoiled with a win from England?? Followed by the Wales vs France Game
  • Club will be closed shortly following 6 Nations and Re-Open at 7:00 pm for Live Music and Celebrations

Registration is live!

Everyone has been asking when they could sign up.. and now is the time. You are now able to register online for the 2018 season.

BCRFC Online Store up and Running!

Our Partners over at Impact Pro Wear have opened up the first ordering window for the year. The store is up and running now and will be taking orders until March 15th. The next window wont be till late spring so get your orders in for the 45th Anniversary, including the Blue Polo which is an online only special.

Official Burlington Centaurs RFC On-line Store

Welcome Kaitlyn Sharpe – New Womens Assistant Coach


We would like to welcome the latest addition to the Senior Womens coaching Staff, Kaitlyn Sharpe. Kaitlyn is a retired Centaur lock who recently underwent 2 hip replacements which prevent her from playing. She remains an active individual who figure skates, lifts weights and trains for adventure races. She will be completing her Level 1 coaching this spring and will be assisting Head Coach Paul Harrington where ever he needs an extra pair of eyes or hands. I hope you will extend your congratulations and well wishes to Kaitlyn as she moves into this role as we are grateful for her time and efforts to develop this team.

Senior Womens Director
Rebeca Rosa

TRY Rugby This Saturday Jan 13th

LOCATION: Sherwood Forest Park Near Appleby and Fairview, 5270 Fairview Street

REGISTER – Please register your children when you arrive or at the reception afterward.

MEET 2:30PMDue to the tremendous response, parents should come to the clubhouse at 2:30PM. We can then get the children sorted into their groups and get their flag belts for the event.

MOVE 2:55PM – Coaches will guide parents and kids to the dome for the TRY RUGBY session!

PLAY 3-4:00PM – Try rugby session!

SNACK 4-4:30PM – All are invited to the clubhouse for cake and snacks for the kiddies, and the bar will also be open.

Winter Mini Rugby 2018

BCRFC Mini Rugby for 2 to 5 year olds (U5) begin to introduce children to Rugby and the specific skills involved, providing a positive environment for children to discover a new world of sporting imagination. Activities are group play based with an emphasis on fun activities that begin the sporting skills for rugby like cooperation, running, taking flags and carrying the ball.

As your child gets older (U7 and up), our practices gently introduce the basic rules of Rugby. Our activities for 5 and 6 year olds focus on fun, encouragement, building self-esteem and confidence. Skills will include ball handling while running and passing and basic attack, defense and scoring.

U9 introduces more advance techniques and play skills. U11 introduces contact with safe tackling and more advanced handling skills coupled with a larger and more expansive game overall. The winter sessions are very fun and designed to keep rugby skills active, introduce new players to the sport at all levels and prepare for the summer season ahead

WHEN: Saturdays starting January 13, 3-4 PM, 10 weeks

WHERE: Sherwood Forest Park – Dome

WHO: Ages  3 to 12

COST: $125

Registration: In person January 13 @ Centaurs Clubhouse, Timbits and hot chocolate provided for the kids

Questions: please contact



AGM Recap – Welcome New Board



We would like to thank all the attendees of yesterday’s Annual General Meeting. The board was happy to present a recap of this year and present plans for the future. It truly was a  banner year for the club and we have the membership to thank for that. We would also like to thank the 2017 board members who sacrificed their time and effort to help make this year one of the best.


It is our pleasure to announce the 2018 Burlington Centaurs Executive Board


President – Nick Manz

Treasurer – Jeff Ellis

Administrator – John Guilfoyle

Facilities – Andy Maunder

Social – David Jones

Senior Mens – Dave Wilson

Games Chair – Mark Chesser

Senior Womens – Rebecca Rosa

Junior – Alex Rappos


Among many things that the board wants to implement in 2018, we have identified some roles that we would like to fill to help us run better as a club. If you are interested in any joining any of the below committees, please contact Nick Manz directly  at







Coaches Corner with Coach Kelly

First off, I would like to congratulate everyone that has been a part of this year’s men’s division. It has been a great year and we have accomplished many things including:
Fielding three men’s teams all season (very few clubs in Ontario can lay claim to this)
The 3rd XV/Berties finishing 3rd in the NRU C
The 2nd XV finishing 1st in the NRU A2
The 1st XV finishing 1st in the NRU A1
Winning the Monty Heald Tournament of Champions
Winning the Abercairn Cup
Winning the Roddy Allan
Winning the NRU Cup
Winning the Intermediate Cup
Earning promotion to the Marshall Provincial Championship
Once again, thanks to everyone for your commitment and hard work in what truly was a fantastic year for us and the club for a whole.
Now we look forward to the future and what we can do to continue to improve ourselves and have a positive impact in the club.
Off season Strength & Conditioning at EPC
As we have done in the previous couple of years, we will be utilizing our sponsor over at Elite Performance Center to get us a good rate on our off season training.
We have been given a discounted rate of:
$13 per drop in session
$50 for unlimited sessions for the month
$90 for combined full gym membership and unlimited team sessions
Sessions will be run mainly by myself but will also feature Brett Guist on occasion.
These sessions will begin this coming Tuesday October 24th at 7pm and will run every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7-8pmSaturdaymorning sessions may be added shortly.
The first few weeks will be focused on mobility, injury recovery, movement correction and exercise form.
Please contact me for more information at
More information to follow soon.
Centaurs Rugby Academy – Coaches Needed
The Burlington Centaurs Rugby Academy started up this Tuesday but is still looking for coaches to help out. The sessions are on Tuesdays from 4-5:30pm and on Thursdays from 4:30-6pm in the domes beside the club. Even if you are not the most experienced coach or are only available for a few sessions please contact Clay Gillis at if you are interested. Also if you know of any Males or Females aged 13-18 that would be interested in this please direct them/ their parents to Clay.
Centaurs Coaching Committee
To piggyback off of the coaching request by the Centaurs Rugby Academy, I would like to ask anyone that is interested in coaching or developing as a coach, whether you are new or experienced to send me an e-mail to join the Burlington Centaurs Coaching Committee. We had been hoping to start things earlier this year for the committee but finally with season now finished we are ready to fully launch the program.
This project is open to all current coaches in the club (from Senior Men and Women to Juniors and Minis), those interested in becoming club coaches in the future, and those who coach in local schools.
This committee will be a pooling of resources, information, and experiences to further develop the quality of coaching within the club and the community in order to better engage players and promote participation in both coaching and playing our beloved game.
We are hoping to begin the committee with periodic e-mails filled with different content on drills, techniques, strategies, and articles about rugby and coaching in general. We are also hoping to set up regular (monthly to bi monthly) meetings with internal and guest speakers on pre-determined topics ranging widely from season and practice planning to different skill development.
We are also hoping that anybody that has been interested in coaching but doesn’t know where to start will now have the support and resources to take that first step.
If you are interested in the Coaches Committee or have any questions please e-mail Chris Kelly at