Senior Men travel to Fergus and come back victorious

Burlington 2nd XV had a positive start to the season racking up a 19-5 away victory over a large Highland 2nd XV. After trailing 0-5 at the interval courtesy of a deserved Highland try the Centaurs started to build pressure from the onset of the 2nd half and were rewarded with 3 well worked tries over the 40 minute period. The Centaurs superior fitness and handling skills were testament to the preseason work the club has put in and boys were well rewarded for their efforts in the end.


The first team traveled to Highland not knowing what to expect after a close game last year and started off quickly putting in 4 tried in the first half. Man of the Match Brian Woodley contributed 4 tries in a total of 10, the rest of the tries being evenly spread throughout the team. Josh Jones returned from a week in Alberta to score 2 tries set up by excellent Burlington forward play combined with good handling to use the overlap in the corner. Centaurs were a constant threat on the counter attack with Brendan Byran spearheading a number of kick returns gaining yardage each time enabling the team to turn defence into attack on a number of occasions. The final scoreline of 66-0 emphasizes the dominance of the Centaurs throughout the match and highlights the hard work put in by all at the club for the past 2 months. That being said, one swallow doesn’t make a summer and lot of hard work lies ahead for the Centaurs to provide consistency in their efforts this year.