Senior Mens Weekend Wrap up June 15

Hot fire and liquid resilience in the face of a determined and measured opponent is the the most simplistic way one could sum up the weekend showing at the Burlington Centaurs Rugby Club. The Burlington Men’s First team was in full attendance against the Stoney Creek Camels. Two teams with a long and storied history facing off. There is little more one would need to seed the imagination with tales of fanciful heroism and bravery. As a witness, it is my duty to record such feats as they were.

It would be a detriment to truth if this humble narrator did not mention the fine showing of the Camels. Indeed, in the first 20 minutes their attack was relentless. The lines that the Creek back-line were slicing would make Tony Montana blush. However, where there was strong attack there was also a stalwart and impressive defense. The Camels put up the first points, but it was plain to see that the Centaurs were unshaken.

After 25 minutes of fast Canadian rugby and two unanswered tries on the board the Centaurs managed to get onto the scoreboard thanks to the human Tomahawk Missile, Andrew Wilson. As the Centaurs retreated beyond half to allow kicking connoisseur Brendan Bryan to dust off his golden boot, it was plain to see that these boys of the Golden Horseshoe had the game under control. ‘March forward,’ once again was the call and some minutes later it was answered as A. Wilson would barrel over the try line once more.

As the half whistle sounded, there was a nod between the teams. A message from across the trenches: The game is on. As both teams stepped back onto the pitch it seemed as though the weather itself had decided to give this battle a wide berth. The second half saw the Centaurs with renewed vigor in their attack. The forwards dealt devastating short range blows, while the backs seized the opportunity to make impressive work of the space they were provided with.

In a moment of frantic energy, our Scrum-Half Zack Shurtleff punched the ball through the Creek line and made a 40 meter break for the try-line. The Creek Fullback all but defeated wrapped his arm around our stout 9’s neck in an attempt to stop the inevitable. Zack went down, but a penalty try was awarded and the thoroughly embarrassed Creek Fullback was sentenced to 10 minutes in the Bin.

In contrast, some minutes later in a dire moment, the Centaurs were on the back foot desperately defending against a Creek onslaught. They punched through and it seemed like open field for the Creek attacker. However, both Matt Woodley and Daniel Mathie managed to chase down and stop what would have been a game changing try.

Decisive action brings decisive victories; and as the Centaurs pushed forwards that is exactly what the crowd that day was treated to. Brendan Bryan would add a penalty kick, even further distancing the Centaurs from their foes.