Senior Teams Recap May 23rd

Centaur Women vs St. Catharine’s Tigers 

The Centaur women defeated the St. Catharine’s Tigers by a score of 44-8.

The women forwards worked hard for possession and were matchless in the set piece winning all of their line outs and scrums over the opposition. The forward dominance provided the backs with great ball and the Centaur women were able to capitalize by crossing the try line on several occasions.

Emily Fretts ran some great lines making several big breaks through the Tigers defense. Shelby Holland showed off her speed and knowledge of the game by touching down for three tries on the day. Other try scorers included Jordan Orlando, Nina Trask and Katelyn Carey.

Men’s Centaur 2nd XV v Waterloo County IV

The Centaur 2nd XV started the scoring early in the game with Andrew Porter scoring a try off of a turn over ball. Shortly thereafter Dan Velasquez scored on the wing after some great passing skills by the Centaur backs.

The Centaurs struggled against the Waterloo IV’s strong lineout ball during the game.

Andrew Porter was able to connect with his teammates to cross the line for his second try of the game.

After a lineout play the ball was passed to Brian O’Discoll who thundered his way to add to the Centaurs’ score.
Waterloo County IV answered back before the end of the first half with a try under the posts.

The 2nd half was a battle back and forth between the two teams with no score until Branden Maunder took a hard line to touch down for a try and the final score for the Centaurs 2nd Xv was 38-7 over Waterloo County IV.


Men’s Centaurs 1st XV v Waterloo County III

The Centaur 1st XV utilized the speed of their backs to dominate over the Waterloo County III team. Centaur Matt Woodley started the scoring off with a great run down the sideline to score on the wing.

The Centaurs had some discipline issues with a red card early in the first half and a yellow card in the second half.

Even though the Centaurs were down 2 men for part of the game the players rose up to the challenge and continued to move the ball with pace allowing the back to score several times throughout the game.

Zach Shurtleff scored four tries on the day, followed by Matt Woodley, Denny McCarthy, Brian Woodley and Brendan Bryan.

Denny McCarthy used his foot with great success on the day splitting the uprights to help bring the Centaur final score to 70-20 over Waterloo III.