Winter Mini Rugby 2018

BCRFC Mini Rugby for 2 to 5 year olds (U5) begin to introduce children to Rugby and the specific skills involved, providing a positive environment for children to discover a new world of sporting imagination. Activities are group play based with an emphasis on fun activities that begin the sporting skills for rugby like cooperation, running, taking flags and carrying the ball.

As your child gets older (U7 and up), our practices gently introduce the basic rules of Rugby. Our activities for 5 and 6 year olds focus on fun, encouragement, building self-esteem and confidence. Skills will include ball handling while running and passing and basic attack, defense and scoring.

U9 introduces more advance techniques and play skills. U11 introduces contact with safe tackling and more advanced handling skills coupled with a larger and more expansive game overall. The winter sessions are very fun and designed to keep rugby skills active, introduce new players to the sport at all levels and prepare for the summer season ahead

WHEN: Saturdays starting January 13, 3-4 PM, 10 weeks

WHERE: Sherwood Forest Park – Dome

WHO: Ages  3 to 12

COST: $125

Registration: In person January 13 @ Centaurs Clubhouse, Timbits and hot chocolate provided for the kids

Questions: please contact